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Please vote early. Votes must be received by 3:00 PM, Friday February 19, 2016. If you change your mind before the deadline you may vote again - your last vote will be the one that is counted. The Annual Meeting summary is located here (see 4th article from top):

Section 1: Amendment to the Covenants and Restrictions

Proposal 1: Subordination of the Lien to Mortgages

Overview: This is an initiative of the Board of Directors. This proposed release is required by many mortgage holders before they will lend on real estate. This paragraph was in the prior Covenant and Restrictions document and was accidently left out of the final draft of the 2013 amended covenants and restrictions.

Proposed: The lien of the assessments provided for herein shall be subordinate to the lien of any mortgage or mortgages now or hereinafter placed upon the properties subject to assessment; provided, however, that such subordination shall apply only to the assessments which have become due and payable prior to a sale or transfer of such property pursuant to a decree of foreclosure, or any other proceeding in lieu of foreclosure.  Such sale or transfer shall not relieve such property from liability for any assessments thereafter becoming due, nor from the lien of any such subsequent assessments. 

Board Recommendation: The Board of Directors recommends approving this amendment. This is the exact language from the 1982 document.

Impact: No financial impact to the Association. Increases owners ability to borrow money on their home including first mortgages and home equity loans.

Note: 67% of the owners must approve this initiative for this transaction to be completed. Please vote.

I approve of the proposed amendment
I do not approve of the proposed amendment.

Proposal 2: Violation Fines for Non-operating Lamp Posts - After Certified Letter

Overview: This is an initiative of the owners arising from the 2016 annual meeting over frustrations that some owners have non-functioning lamp posts for over a year and will not repair them despite requests to do so.

Proposed: This amendment provides a limited ability for the board to levy fines for a violation after (1) a certified warning letter has been sent and (2) a thirty day period to correct the violation has expired (3) and any requested and approved extensions have expired, (4) after any board appeals has been exhausted, and (5) after any third party appeals have been exhausted.

The monthly architectural fine shall not exceed 16.6% of the cost of the repair per month and be levied until the repair is made but for no more than 24 months. For 2016, the fine for not fixing an inoperable or downed lamp post would be $34.86 per month until fixed starting 30 days after receipt of a certified letter from the association and the expiration of any reasonable requested extension and after any appeals have been resolved.

Board Recommendation: The 2015 Board supports this initiative and it was received favorably at the annual meeting.

Impact: Minor positive financial impact to the Association as miscellaneous income.

Note: 67% of the owners must approve this initiative for this transaction to be completed.

I approve the proposed amendment
I do not approve of the proposed amendment.

Section 2: Capital Repair Approvals

Capital Repairs: The are two capital repair projects scheduled this year and two proposed additions. The scheduled items are included in the capital repair plan approved by the owners 2011. These repairs will have no impact on the 2016 monthly dues rate.

Project A: Street Repairs

Overview: The community streets have failed in 27 locations and are in a state of deterioration at those locations.

Proposed: It is proposed that the Association dispense between $40K - $50k from the capital budget to make these repairs and seal the remaining cracks with a clear colored sealant to slow down roadway deterioration. Download pdf to see map of repairs needed.

Impact: There is no impact on monthly dues rate. The project is currently out to bid to 10 contractors.

I approve the proposed release of funds from the reserve
I do not approve

Project B: Repair of the Mailboxes

Overview: There is one rotted mailbox pedestal that need to be replaced. Repairs to the mailboxes are in the capital plan approved by the owners.

Plan: It is planned that the Association replace one rotted pedestal and paint and clean the mailboxes. .

Impact: The Post Office will not deliver to a broken distal. This expense will be drawn from the capital reserves - there is no impact on monthly dues rate.

Approved in 2014 | Partially complete
in 2015. Will finish in 2016.
Capital repair expenditure estimated at $850

Project C: Miscellaneous Repairs to Railings, Marble, and Letters at the Entry

Overview: There are three repairs needed at the entry. Repairs to the entry are in the capital plan approved by the owners.


1. Repair of a rotted section of iron railing. This repair will and prevent the railing from falling and stop further damage (click on photo to enlarge).

2. Reattach the marble tiles that have come loose. The marble tiles have separated from the wall. This repair will stop the tiles from falling and prevent further separation.

3. Correct the mismatching colors in the name plate. This will be done by moving two letters from one sign to the other and purchasing 3 new letters.

Impact: Doing the work will prevent further rusting and separation of the tiles and more costly repair at a future time. This expense will be drawn from the capital reserves - there is no impact on monthly dues rate.

Approved in 2014 | Partially complete
in 2015. Will finish in 2016.
Capital expenditure estimated at $750

Section 3: 2016 Budget / Dues Rate and Special Projects

The assessment amount needed to cover mandatory expenses for management accounting, audits, taxes, insurance, and the routine annual maintenance obligations guaranteed to every home owner by the Covenant and Restriction Declaration, plus the elected payment into the Reserves is $85.33 per month ($256 per quarte5) a 2.84% increase over 2014. The increases over 2015 are primarily increased paint and maintenance expenses.


A detailed breakdown of these expenses is located here .

The following additional projects
(see below, if approved, will be additive to the 2016 rate stated above.

No new initiatives for 2016.

I approve the 2016 budget
I do not approve

Section 4: Safety Renovations Funded by TxDOT

Overview: The Association successfully petitioned the State of Texas for $25,000 to make safety changes to the exit onto Highway183.

Approved: The plan is to relocate the traffic spikes to the required 30 foot setback, to lower the screening wall to see oncoming traffic, to relocate the electrical services, and add high visibility signage/lights to manage community traffic.

Schedule: The work will be done in 2015-16, before road construction which has both tax and cost advantages.

Impact: Funded by TxDOT. No impact on monthly dues rate or the capital reserve. This is a self funded project.

Approved in 2014 | Bid in 2015. Work to take place in 2016.
Capital expenditure not to exceeded $25,000

Section 5: Input on Policy

While fund management and bank selection is a board responsibility, the board is seeking feedback from the community.

The board is considering migrating its operating account from North Dallas Bank to Mutual of Omaha Bank of Phoenix. This move will facilitate a more automated payment processing in the future and the long standing practice of board members writing checks and paying the bills will be replaced by a registered property manager, Guardian Management. There is no incremental cost to owners.


The board is considering to move the capital repairs bank account to a Fidelity Investments brokerage account. The purpose of this move is to increase the interest earned on long term savings by 500% - 1000%. Please tell us which "risk" profile you think is best. Low-moderate risk is what most households would select and hope for a 7% -10% return. Low risk would be 4-5% returns. No rsk would be 1-1.5% returns.

The North Dallas Bank account is generating 0.5%.


Will you buy windows if this program is offered?

Two years ago year the volunteers brokered 83 window installations at 40% - 60% off of market prices. For example a typical kitchen window would be $50-$60 for the top or bottom window. This improved homes and the community look for all. Will you buy windows if the program is offered this year.

Not sure
Not needed

Will you buy concrete if this program is offered?

Would you be interested in purchasing concrete repair services (sidewalk or driveway repair) when the community streets are repaired?

Not sure
Not needed

Are you available to work on a community project this year

We really need owners willing to volunteer for management projects like block parties, and window replacement. This is an excellent opportunity to see if you are interested in running for a future board seat - or just be a community helper.


Section 6: Select two owners to serve as directors
Two director positions are available to replace expired terms of Chad Johnson and David Schneider. Randy Ranew (Vice President), Vivian Scott, and Robert Bauer (Treasurer), will complete the second year of their 2015-2016 term.
Order of candidates: Incumbents listed first, others as listed in the order submitted.
Term: 2016 - 2017.
Incumbent: Chad
I elect
Pick 2 directors
President 2014-2015, Director 2013
Beverly Oaks is making improvements every year, we now have long term financial health to make infrastructure repairs, we have the lowest dues rate in Irving, we have been able to hold rate increases to less than the cost of living for 3 straight years, and owner participation in the decision process is 70%. I'm running to help continue this balanced success. My personal objective is to be more proactive in my communications and to continue to roll my sleeves up and get things done. ~ Chad Johnson
Incumbent: David
I elect
Pick 2 directors
Director 2014-2015
I'm a hands-on board member. I have been in charge of the lamp post light replacement, painting of the mailboxes, and irrigation management.

If re-elected, I plan to take over landscaping, fertilization, and tree services. I have been working with the current project manager and vendors this last year to learn it and I am ready to step up. ~David Schneider
I elect
Pick 2 directors
New to Community
I am a new owner at the Beverly Oaks community (1900 Wilshire) and very happy to be here. I am a trustworthy neighbor whom is interested in helping our community with improvements, safety, maintenance and most of all transparency for our entire community as I opted to make myself available for our community representative. I thank you for the opportunity. ~Raune Oliveira


Pick 2 directors

Candidacy withdrawn

~Steve Hillier

Is the community making progress and on the right growth path?

For the most part
Not sure
Not so much

Share any community suggestions here.

Updated 02/18/16


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