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to be completed by April 16, 2019

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IMPORTANT: Please vote for what is in the best interests of the community as a whole. It is not always the same as what is in our personal best interests. Votes must be received by 3:00 PM, Tuesday April 16, 2019. If you change your mind before the deadline you may vote again - your last vote will be the one that is counted. This is a secret ballot - your vote is visible only to you and the independent counters. The Annual Meeting summary is located here:

Section 1: Amendment to the Covenants and Restrictions

Amendments are proposed changes to our governing documents. Sixty-seven percent (67%) approval is required to enact a change in the deed restrictions.

Proposal 1: No Street Parking in Lieu of Painting Curbs Red

Overview: This initiative was approved with a 78% a majority vote in 2017 and is now policy, but requires 11 more votes by March 31 to become an amendment. Only one vote per home may be counted.

Proposed: This amendment would state that "Street parking is prohibited at all times and vehicles parked, unattended, for more than 1 hour may be towed without warning or notice. Additionally, a sign will be placed at the entry announcing the restriction.

Board Recommendation: The 2018 Board supports this initiative and it was received favorably at the annual meeting.

Impact: Positive financial impact to the Association ($200).

Note: 64 of the owners must approve this initiative for it to be an amendment.

I approve the proposed amendment (does not effect dues rate)
I do not approve of the proposed amendment.

Proposal 2: Violation Fines - After Certified Letter

Overview: This initiative was approved with a 67% a majority vote in 2017 and is now policy, but requires 19 more votes by March 31 to become an amendment. Only one vote per home may be counted. This is an initiative of the owners arising from the 2015, 2016 and 2018 annual meeting over frustrations that some owners repeatedly violating community standards, requirements, and rules. The amend is described here:

Proposed: This amendment provides a limited ability for the board to levy fines for a violation after (1) a certified warning letter has been sent and (2) a thirty day period to correct the violation has expired (3) and any requested and approved extensions have expired, (4) after any board appeals has been exhausted, and (5) after any third party appeals have been exhausted.

The monthly architectural fine shall not exceed 16.6% of the cost of the repair per month and be levied until the repair is made but for no more than 24 months. .

Board Recommendation: The 2018 Board supports this initiative and it was received favorably at the annual meeting.

Impact: Minor positive financial impact to the Association - miscellaneous income.

Note: 64 of the owners must approve this initiative for this transaction to become an amendment.

I approve the proposed amendment (does not affect dues)
I do not approve of the proposed amendment.

Section 2: Capital Repair Approvals

Capital Repairs: The are no capital repair projects scheduled for 2019.
Section 3: 2019 Budget / Dues Rate and Special Projects

The assessment needed to cover the legal and mandatory services listed in the Covenant and Restriction Declaration (Deed), for management accounting, audits, taxes, insurance, capital reserves, and the routine annual maintenance obligations guaranteed to every home owner is $21.77 per week ($283 per quarter).


I approve the 2019 base budget

$21.77 per week, $283 per quarter
~ This is for nondiscretionary contractual obligations to owners as per deed
~ $1.08 increase vs. 2017, 2018, 5.0% increase
~A detailed breakdown of these expenses is located here .
I abstain

Note: The only way for the Association to reduce the base rate is to find lower priced contractors for paint, landscaping, electricity. All other costs are fixed.

I approve security cameras for the Package and Mail Center.
Security cameras at the Package and Mail Center will serve as a deterrent to personal crime and vandalism. Security consultants have told us that cameras will likely prevent a lot more crime than they record.

A camera will also secure USPS deliveries which are mostly made to the package and mail center now.

Additionally, resident can direct their Amazon, UPS, FedEx packages to this camera secured area. Twenty-seven (27) packages were stolen from resident doorsteps in 2017 (prior to building the mail room). A central security system will be more effective than single doorbell cameras which can be defeated with flashlights and/or quick grab and dash thefts (in and out before the camera activates).

The design is for 2-4 cameras, and local or cloud recording. The camera in the mail room currently, is fake.

I approve a security camera system - add $0.61 per week.
I do not approve adding cameras - add $0.00 per week

Choose between approving the capital reserve study or hiring an outside consultant to perform a study.
The Covenant and Restriction Declaration require that the Capital Reserve allocations be based on a reserve study made of all the major capital systems in the association that may require repair or replacement within 30 years and thereafter the Association shall include as part of its Annual Assessment an amount which is reasonably necessary to achieve an adequate reserve fund for the periodic maintenance, repair and replacement of improvements to the Common Properties.

An in-house Capital Reserve study was completed and approved a vote of owners in January 2011 (96% to 4%).

An updated in-house reserve study has now been completed and approved by the board and was published for owner review on January 2, 2018.

The 2018 recommendation is to increase the reserve rate to $126 per household recommended in 2010 and with a 6% increase (of the reserve rate) in each following years for 10 years.

An alternative to the board plan would be to hire an engineering firm to conduct a reserve study. These studies are valuable and cost between $3,500 and $4,000.

I approve the 2018 reserve study - add $0.00 per week
I approve an independent study be conducted - add $0.81 per week.

My security gate opinions and preferences
Sixty percent of owners have expressed interest in an electronic gate for image, security, and/or controlling traffic. A rear exit gate was voted on in 2017 and lost 42%/58% - by 11 votes. The following opinion questions are to determine the style best style suited for Beverly Oaks. Please vote for what you think is best for the community overall.

The boards believes that an entry gate is provides image, security, and helps eliminate unwanted traffic. The downside is coordinating guests and deliveries as those vehicles will need to call you to have the gate opened remotely by your phone. Vehicles will block the entry lane while waiting for entry. When the gate breaks down (they all do), owners will need to know how to manually lock the gate in an upright position for everyone to pass through until it is repaired.

An exit gate is specifically for reducing drive-through traffic. There will be no need to coordinate guests or deliveries and no lane lines. When the gate breaks down, owners can reroute to the front exit until the gate is repaired. An exit gate is more prone to gate ramming by drive-through traffic.

If a gate is approved, what type of gate do you prefer:
Gate at the entry.
Gate at the exit.
If a gate is approved, which best describes your feelings:
I am prepared to go with the majority choice
I have very strong feelings against an entry gate
I have very strong feelings against an exit gate
I approve investing in an electric traffic gate as follows:
Install a gate in 2019 - add $2.63 per week in 2019
Install a gate in 2020 - add $1.32 per week in 2019, 2020
Install a gate in 2021 - add $0.88 per week in 2019, 2020, 2021
Install a gate in 2022 - add $0.66 per week in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Install a gate in 2023 - add $0.53 per week in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
No gate, please.

Section 4: Safety Renovations Funded by TxDOT

Overview: The Association successfully petitioned the State of Texas for $27,000 to make safety changes to the exit onto Highway183.

Approved: The plan is to relocate the traffic spikes to the required 30 foot setback, to lower the screening wall to see oncoming traffic, to relocate the electrical services, and add high visibility signage/lights to manage community traffic.

Schedule: The work will be done in 2019.

Impact: Funded by TxDOT. No impact on monthly dues rate or the capital reserve. This is a self funded project.

Status: Traffic spikes and signs have been purchased and shipped in.

Approved in 2016 - work in progress!

Section 5: Building a Co-op

We need residents for ?

The idea here would be for the association to pay to have surveillance cameras in 8-10 homes to cover the community and make views assessable to all owners. We could also have a text warning set up so that any owner could alert others when there is a problem.

I will help
Not good for community

Should we have a summer BBQ and/or Christmas Party?

We've had summer BBQs and Christmas Parties in the past. Attendance at BBQ is between 20-30. The last Christmas party was around 20 - 25.

I will help
Not good for community

How is the bookkeeper company doing?

We have a bookkeeper who has done a wonderful job for the Association in general and operates at a fraction of the cost ($250/month) of prior management companies ($500-$1,500). They have a very limited function for owners - basically to help with any payment account issues.

We have received a few complaints and we want to track down the problem. If you have had any problems please tell us about it. It is important that we get feedback to our contractors.

Not great
No opinion

Section 6: Select Five Directors
Five director positions are available with the expiration of the terms of Jesse Mitchell , Robert Bauer, Joel Kern, and Randy Ranew.
Order of candidates: Incumbents listed first, others listed in the order of submission.
Term: 2019 - 2021.
Incumbent: Jesse
I elect
Pick 5 from these 9 candidates
Vice President 2018 (3 months), Director 2017
I have learned a lot and can make a significant contribution to the community. I'm impressed by the dedication and caring volunteers who tirelessly and selflessly invest themselves in this community for our collective benefit. I would like to be a part of this continued success story. ~Jesse Mitchell

Incumbent: Robert
I elect
Pick 5 from these 9 candidates
Treasurer 2013-2018, President 2009-2012, Director 1988-1991
I'd like to continue working on construction projects (exit renovation, street repair), managing the landscaping and overseeing water/sewer repairs. If re-elected I will work to ensure continuity by helping incoming board members learn the technical operations of the Association such as the on-line payment and records systems, website and database programming, and working with the City. We are like a family in many ways - we are at our best when we work together. ~Robert Bauer

I elect
Pick 5 from these 9 candidates
I'm volunteering to roll up my sleeves and be a hands-on working board member. I am a general contractor and also have professional experience in purchasing, IT, service delivery management. I have prior experience with other homeowner associations and I respect how well this association is run. I like really like Beverly Oaks and want to be part of its success. I think community is the best description of our neighborhood - residents waving hello to each other as we pass. ~Ron Olson

I elect
Pick 5 from these 9 candidates
Treasurer 2011-2012, Secretary 2009-2010
I have lived in the community for about 20 years and plan to stay. I want to see out community remain a good value and well kept community. My background is in accounting and property management and I feel that I have the experience and knowledge to make a positive impact. I served two terms on the Board of Directors for a total of 4 years during which time we made a lot of improvements in the community. I do not remember the exact years but it was approximately 2009-2012. I held the positions of secretary and treasurer during that time. ~Brenda Madison

I elect
Pick 5 from these 9 candidates
I look forward to the opportunity to be part of the team of volunteers who I have come to know and who have worked hard to improve the community. I enjoy living here and I know that it takes hard work to keep a community looking well cared for and up to date. I am volunteering to step up and help the community as was requested at the annual meeting. I want to be a part of what makes this community great. ~Shedrick Jackson

I elect
Pick 5 from these 9 candidates
I being living in our community over 6 years, enjoy our little oasis here. Would like to offer myself for a position on the board. I have over 21 years working as a "Medicare A/R Specialist", currently with "Steward Healthcare corp office". Want to bring new and fresh ideals for our community, while always working within our current HOA fee"s as a budget. Always being transparent & never increasing fees, budget or projects without our community's approval. ~Frank Rodriguez

I elect
Pick 5 from these 9 candidates
I feel I would be a good board member because I bring 20 plus years of residential management and maintenance. I have some great contacts and can get some great bids that will keep us under budget. I have worked with budgets for years and know how to keep on budget. If I become a board member I will work for you to make our community better and safer. I served on the board about ten years ago as a board member. ~Billy Norris

I elect
Pick 5 from these 9 candidates
Hello, my name is Joeddie Cotledge and I have lived here since 2006. I relocated here from California with Verizon ( communications/ data entry operator). As of January I have lived in the Irving area 19 years. I am retried and volunteering to set on the board. ~Joeddie Cotledge

I elect
Pick 5 from these 9 candidates
To help Beverly Oaks become the best it can be. ~Larry Stark

Please double check that you selected only 5 directors

Section 7: Please Assess the Community Plan

Is the community making progress and on the right growth path?

For the most part
Not sure
Not so much

If you did not answer yes, please suggest the changes that you feel are needed.

Updated 04/4/19


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