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Block Parties and Garage Sales

The Association oversees community events and garage sales for the convenience of the participants and the nonparticipants.

The Association has an enclosed meeting area, table and chairs for 60 (to be used indoors or out), electric grills, a large coffee maker, galvanized drink/ice tubs, event signs, parking signs, and traffic cones.

For more general information, please contact the board of directors:

For information on garage sales, click here.:

Only 18% of owners support having garage sales in the community (community survey). The reason is that the associated traffic problems and crime/ safety concerns.

As a compromise, the Association dedicates one weekend a year to garage sales.

The City of Irving provides that these events must be registered with the City. Multifamily complexes may apply for a group permit and the community is limited to two per year.

Signs may be staked in the ground to promote the sale. Signs may not be placed on telephone poles, street signs, trees, or placed in center medians. Signs must be picked up at conclusion of sale.

Board Approval Required for Garage Sales

If there is an unforeseeable circumstance and you need to have a sale on other than on a planned community event weekend, please contact the board.

SCHEDULED DATES The planned event dates are listed on the community calendar page.

REGISTER WITH ASSOCIATION Participating homeowners are must register for planning purposes. Participants will be in charge of traffic management, cones and signs. Please let us know that you will be involved. If no one registers, we will not hold the event.

CITY PERMIT The Association will register for multi-family events:

ADVERTISING Homeowners are encouraged to advertise specific items for sale Some ads can not be made active until 30 days before the sale.



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