2023 Garage Foundation and Building Repairs

In April 2017 the community voted to repair the 2023 foundation and brick facade. The community garage had significant and visible foundation issues on the West and North side. Inside the large garage the floor sloped downward in the Northwest corner where the foundation slab had dropped 4.1 inches (see diagram).

Foundation Repair

For this project, the Association obtained an engineering study to identify the best solution for foundation repair to the garage, because each foundation repair company that bid the project recommended a different number of piers and pier locations.

To properly stabilize the foundation it is recommended to install 8 piers on the west and north side.

Correction of Destabiizing Conditions

To prevent more problems to the foundation it is recommended that we install rain gutters at the back if the garage, and have it so the water runs off into the storm drain. It is recommended that once the piers have been installed that we do not use mud-jacking or foam to try to level out the inside of the Northwest corner. If we used mud-jacking or foam to raise the corner immediately it would not allow any further settling of the foundation and end up causing more damage.

Brick Repair

The brick repair is also important to prevent water leaks, vermin and insect infestation, and loss of the property value. We have been advised to allow 3 to 4 weeks after foundation repair to allow the slab foundation to settle before repairing the bricks. The brick repair scope at this point involves remounting the bricks to the garage wall, replacing the broken bricks, and repairing the mortar.

Landscape Repair

The foundation repair is going to be invasive, especially on the West side of the garage. The shrubs may not survive, and may need to be replaced when the repair is done. The link to the engineering report is included in this section.

Interior Repair

Information to be posted soon..


1 Garage Engineering Study
3 Information to be posted soon.


03-2017 Annual meeting.
04-2017 Community Ballot: Community approves garage repair work


Updated 07/06/17


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